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08 May 2010 @ 06:26 pm
let's talk revolutionary!  
So I went and translated the whole album, heh XD; But anyway, the main point of this post is to see if anyone else has heard the new album yet, and has any thoughts. 'cause I'd love to hear what you all have to say. Loved it? Didn't love it so much? Favourite, least favourite songs?

Personally, I adore the album! 3031, Hikari no Ame ga Furu Yoru Ni and Kyandoru no Hi wo are emerging as my favourites, I'd have to say. The album is definitely not exactly the same as their mini-albums and Termination, but, I mean, of course it isn't, and that's hardly a bad thing - who'd want a band to stagnate and repeat itself and make the same albums over and over again? Revolutionary is a logical progression from Vampire, and moreover, it's so very well-executed. Takurou's singing is, dare I say it, getting better (not that I minded his singing that much before - I've always thought it fits their music perfectly, but as a vocalist he's getting stronger and more tuneful). They've also got a lot of great craftsmanship going on, as usual, but while, say, Termination had them playing a lot with what I might almost call bastardized Eastern European folk music influences, Revolutionary has a lot of jazziness (see: Finder and Kyandoru no Hi wo), which I love. It makes it seem like they're expanding their palette a bit, you know? At the same time they're building off of Discommunication's high-energy pop-rock with Cold Edge, and doing it as well as ever, Hikari no Ame almost makes me think Talking Machine take II, and basically... they're doing what they've always done, but they keep on refining it, and it still rocks.

The best thing, for me, is how they seem to be getting better and better at more and more varied atmospheres (see the point expanding their palettes). The Revolutionary has this lovely... well, for all that it's fast-paced and upbeat as ever, there's a kind of mellowness, in particular to the verses. 3031, densely-instrumented though it is, has a lot of textural detail going on in the background that conjures up a sort of menacing feeling (which falls in line beautifully with the lyrics). Inochi no Zenmai is downright creepy, if a little bit cliched in the harmonies it uses to conjure up that creepiness, and its overall sound is new for 9mm, as is Black Market Blues', and a band introducing new sounds if it pulls them off well (which they do) is always great in my book. Hikari no Ame has a frantic danceability, Invitation is just frantic. Basically, when I'm listening to the album, I'm interested the whole way through, and there's no track that bores my ear.

And if you read all that, for your time, here, have something to laugh at:

0:45-ish. Oh, Taki. (What're the odds that he was drunk, I wonder?)
犬「アンダルシア」sleepyhead on May 10th, 2010 09:05 pm (UTC)
I thought Revolutionary was pretty good. I listened to it as soon as it got here, and I definitely have to say is Finder and Candle no Hi wo are my two favourites of the new tracks. I really liked Revolutionary too.